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The Team

Kurt Garceau



I first started CrossFit in 2009 after coming back from playing Division 1 Lacrosse at Army.


CrossFit was a regiment that was right up my ally. Everyday was a new challenge that tested me not only physically but mentally as well. Being an athlete my whole life, CrossFit introduced me to a world in fitness that had every aspect of a sport.


Being a certified personal trainer, I knew I wanted to switch my roles as a fitness coach to a Crossfit coach. Gaining certifications in Crossfit, Gymnastics, Kettlebell and various others, coaching has become my passion. Everyday leaves me with new opportunities to impact others, but at the same time let others impact my life.

Crossfit Games Athlete

North East Regional Competitor, Individual & team

Boston Iron Athlete - National Pro Grid League

Wodapalooza Fitness Festival Competitor

Mike Pozika



I retired as a Lieutenant / EMT from the New Haven Fire Department after twenty years in December 2014, I transitioned into coaching Crossfit shortly after in February of 2015.


I already had my CF L1 and a Peer Fitness Instructor certification while still on the NHFD, but after a shoulder injury in March 2014 I did some soul searching during a very long recovery process. I decided that this was a perfect opportunity to start helping others enjoy and reach their fitness goals. In 2017 I completed the Crossfit L2 certification and began doing some programming about that same time.


Being a masters athlete, who has had to deal with some limitations from injuries and having to scale and modify for myself, I am always looking to assist every athlete in getting the best workout possible no matter the age, skill level or injury history and try to lead by example. I’m also a firm believer in taking your fitness outside the gym walls and to continually challenge yourself with new adventures.

Brian Gouin


Bri Wingman Comp.jpg

Health teacher, husband & father of 3 boys.


I first explored CrossFit in 2012 as a way to rehab a shoulder injury. I quickly fell in love with the competitive nature of the sport of CrossFit & was drawn to the community aspect of it as well.  Many of my current closet friends are members of NHCF.


My passion for this sport & community led me to the decision to get my certification to help others become the best version of themselves when participating in the CrossFit methodology.

Sports Back Ground include Professional Baseball, Collegiate Baseball, High School Baseball and Soccer.

2017 NHCF Regional Team Member

Wodapalooza Fitness Festival Participant

3 time CrossFit Master’s Qualifier Participant

The Trials Finals Master Participant

CrossFit Level 2 Certification

Greg Szkop


unnamed (10).jpg

I have been at North Haven CrossFit since 2012, where I began as an Administrative Assistant.


My athletic background includes playing Division III collegiate hockey and lacrosse at Endicott College where I was named captain of both sports as well as an All American in lacrosse. After finishing my college athletic career and beginning CrossFit in 2012, I had one regret: Why didn’t I start CrossFitting earlier?


CrossFit has helped me to improve different aspects of my athletic capability including strength, power, speed, explosiveness, mental toughness and endurance just to name a few.

As a coach, my experience has been incredible. The greatest feeling  is hearing a “thank you” when a person learns something new or does a task that they never thought was possible like rope climbs. This is what drives me to be the best coach I can be every day.

My  biggest tip to all current and potential members of NHCF is to be comfortable in reaching out of your comfort zones. We all put up a wall to protect ourselves from the unknown. Relax. Be confident. Ask questions. Don’t take things too seriously when you fail. Failing is good. Failing happens. Tomorrow is another day. And most importantly, have fun.


Favorite WOD- Anything with Wall Balls, Burpees, Box Jumps, and Running.

unnamed (9).jpg

Crick Butcher


I started my athletic journey playing soccer, lacrosse, and long distance running  throughout my high school years. After school training became very mundane and boring until I discovered crossfit in the spring of 2013. Crossfit completely  changed the way I thought about training and was hooked. In 2016, I became Crossfit Level 1 Certified and in 2017 got my USA Level 1 Weightlifting Certification. I have a passion to help others succeed in their goals no matter how big or small. 

When I'm not at the gym, I have a passion for music, playing drums with my Church, enjoying nature, and hanging with friends.

unnamed (2).jpg

Miguel Dos Santos


I have been here at NHCF since 2017 and have fallen in love with the community here ever since.


I grew up heavily involved in sports (baseball, weightlifting, and football) and was very fortunate to be able to play football competitively in college. I went to school for Physical Education and feel that being able to be active and move well is available for any one at any age. 


NHCF has the greatest community around and I am grateful to be a part of it! I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.”


Michael richwein


I graduated from Framingham State University with a Bachelors in Sociology and a focus in Nutrition.  A former Semi-Professional and Collegiate football player as well as competitive Olympic Weightlifter.


Prior to joining the team at NHCF, I worked as the General Manager at Crossfit Crag, and currently own and operate "Everything In Between" (Lifestyle Development). 


I have also served as the High School Director at Connect Church in Ashland.

jesse alldredge

unnamed (1).jpg


Christian from Milford, Ct. Currently employed as a CrossFit Coach and a Microbiologist. I’ve trained in the CrossFit methodology since 2014 and started coaching in 2017. I spent my teens working at a YMCA with children, running various athletic programs. In college, I coached at a CrossFit gym (classes and kids), studied for my undergrad in Biology, and worked full time. In 2018, I helped send a team to the NorthEast Regional.


My personal strengths include: assault bike sprints and standup comedy, while my weaknesses include: toes to bar, running, and reaching the top shelf.


We have an awesome community that helps foster the best hour of people’s day and I love being a part of a staff that prioritizes that ideal

Haj Bell

unnamed (5).jpg


I started Crossfit in January of 2013 & never looked back. It didn’t take long for me to further my passion in the sport of fitness & obtain my l1 certification where I began coaching shortly after at North Haven Crossfit.


I have always strived to do my very best both as an athlete & coach & give 100% in whatever it is I do. From competing in local, regional and international competitions to training through pregnancy & postpartum, expanding my knowledge and experience in the sport in any way that I can is my main goal.


My passion for this sport remains eminent & I am always looking for ways to improve both as an athlete and a coach for our members & my community.

unnamed (3).jpg

jessica seaver


I have been a part of the athletic/fitness community most of my life. I grew up surrounded by sports and played softball for a majority of my life and always managed to stay active. Not that I felt like I had to but because I enjoy it. 


I joined CrossFit back in 2017 and never left. I missed the community aspect and feeling a part of a team after my softball career came to an end.


I am honored to be a coach and watch our members grow in and out of the gym. I love to help others, encourage them, to challenge themselves and to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, even when they doubt themselves. The biggest reward is seeing the smiles on their faces even after a brutal workout, it truly brings me pure joy.


The main thing I can advise one is to ensure you have FUN…enjoy the process/journey. 




Third grade teacher by day and CrossFit enthusiast by night.


I joined CrossFit to escape the monotonous elliptical and boring stationary machines. After my first on ramp, I fell in love with the sweat, style, and movements.


I became a member of North Haven Crossfit in December of 2017. NHCF has become a second home for me. I have made some of my best friends through North Haven Crossfit and experienced some of my biggest life milestones at this place. I have pushed myself beyond my limits by competing in local competitions as well as Wodapalooza in 2018 and 2019!


I became a part of the North Haven coaching staff after two years of joining this gym. Coaching brings many of the same rewards as teaching. Helping others believe in themselves, pushing members to achieve goals, and ultimately having fun each time we step into the gym!




I am a very outgoing person with a lot of positive energy and a pleasant personality (at least I think so).


I am currently the Director of Weights and Measures for the City of New Haven & have been with the City of New Haven for over 25 years.


Since CrossFit came into my life, back in 2011, things have really changed for me. I will never forget my first workout because it was one of those "defining moments ". I literally thought I was going to keel over and pass out. Once I caught my breath and realized I made it through the workout, I knew at that moment that this was for me. However, I had no idea at the time, just how much of an impact it would have on my life, mentally as well as physically. CrossFit has helped me build my confidence, strength, and motivation I need to do better everyday.



Throughout the years that I have been doing CrossFit I have had what I believe to be many accomplishments. To me it's not about if you can RX a workout, string double unders, or hit that lift, of course that's great., but for me, it's about how hard you can push yourself both mentally and physically; that is something learned not taught.


Shortly after I joined NHCF I obtained my Level 1 Trainer Certificate and competed in various competitions. Growing up & playing organized sports, I have always considered myself to be an athlete.


Being a coach at North Haven CrossFit has been and still is a great and fun learning experience. It has given me the opportunity to work with great coaches and most of all coach the best members. 

Moie Garceau

unnamed (11).jpg

Coach/Head of Foundations

I joined North Haven CrossFit back in 2011, when the gym first opened. The owner, Kurt Garceau is my nephew.

I am also a certified ski instructor at Powder Ridge Ski area & have also coached gymnastics & youth ice hockey.

I began coaching classes & our Foundations program at North Haven CrossFit in 2016. I believe our foundations program is very important for all new members as our main focus is to help them transition into the main classes with confidence in CrossFit style workouts & Olympic lifts.

In 2013, I  was able to compete at the Crossfit Games, Masters Division 55-59, where I came in 5th place in the world in my age group. It was a fabulous experience!

I love to travel & many sports.

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