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Beginners Prep/Foundations program

Our foundations program is designed to instill competency in the movements utilized in CrossFit training, to teach proper eating habits, to explain how to perform maintenance on your body so that you can continue training life long and to ensure you are confident enough to safely join the group classes.


The program is made of 3 private sessions conducted with one of our professional coaches and at times an apprentice. During these sessions we will teach you a variety of CrossFit movements, mobility, and injury prevention. We believe that this step is invaluable to your long term success in the health & fitness.

At the end of each session your Coach will evaluate your progress based on proven benchmarks to ensure trainees are ready to move into classes after the foundations program.

**If you already have experience with CrossFit and/or you have trained at a collegiate/professional level, Foundations is not required prior to attending classes.**


our program 

is designed to serve

 3 purposes:

1) To  give you the confidence and tools you need to excel with all of the movements through  individual attention. We will not throw you into a class performing barbell snatches and handstand push-ups on day 1.

2) It’s all about you! When you are first starting out, it is important for us to learn of any limitations, weaknesses, or injuries. With personal training you can move at your own pace and set the bar for long term success.


3) We are a community. During the personal training sessions we will have the opportunity to get to know YOU. Your goals, your ambitions, your obstacles and challenges. This will allow us to better serve you and help you! achieve your mission.

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