2019 Summer Slam WODs

Workout 1/2 (6 Min Cap)

Ascending ladder of clean and jerks and pullups (115/75)(95/65)

Max Cal on the rower

On the start of the clock partner 1 will begin their 2 minutes on the rower (each athlete gets two minutes each), while partners 2 and 3 complete an ascending ladder of clean and jerks at pullups starting with 10 and going up by 1 every rd. When there is 2:00 minutes on the clock partner 2 will then switch with partner 1 on the rower, same for the 4:00 minute mark. This will be scored as two separate workouts

Workout 3/4 – 10 minute

3 – Load Em Up

Each team will have 7 minutes to find their max front squat

4 – Jump in the Line

Max Burpee Box Jump overs 24/20 (step ups for scaled are allowed)

5 – Switch it up (11:00 min cap)

150 Double Unders

125 Deadlifts

100 Wallballs 75 Power Snatches 50 T2B

*1 Partner must hold front rack 135/95 (95/65)

For this workout your team can break up reps in any order. You can start at any movement, and move to any movement. You do not need to complete a movement to move on, but in order to finish the workout all reps must be complete.