Challenge Week 2


10 Rds 250/200m Row  25 Double Unders  15 Abmat Situps WOD 

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of: 10 Deadlift, 135#(95#) 15 Box jump, 24″(20″) 15 Deadlift, 185#(135#) 15 Box jump, 24″(20″) 20 Deadlift, 225#(155#) 15 Box jump, 24″(20″) 25 Deadlift, 275#(185#) 15 Box jump, 24″(20″) 30 Deadlift, 315#(205#) 15 Box jump. 24″(20″) 35 Deadlift, 365#(225#) 15 Box jump, 24″(20″)


Team Challenge worth 15 points 

Complete 150 backsquats at BW for men and 3/4 bw for women

*does not have to be in one set, can be broken down all week 

This weeks continuous challenge is as followed 

With a 2:00m running clock complete: 

1 Rd of Cindy (can do ring rows if needed to scale) Max KB swings 1.5/1

*you can complete as many rds of this complex as you would like, but it has to be within a two minute period and starting with cindy every rd.  * your teams combined kb swings by the end of the week will be your score