Couples Crush Heats

Warmup 500m Row Squat Therapy 4 Dive Bombers 1:00m Plank Foam Roll Skill 500m Row 400m Run 500m Row 500m Run 250m Row 200m Run 250m Row 200m Run WOD


Hang Cleans 75/55 HR Pushups Wallballs

2018 Couples Crush Heats Heat 1 – Scaled Chalk Dirty to Me Julia and Roland Rather B Running The Donut Snatcher #scaledforlife Heat 2 – Masters A Day Without Kids Intellectual Healing #luggageRus “Our Better Halves were busy” Swolemates Yogi and The Bear Heat 3 – Rx M&M He’s Here For the Snatch Fexin-ny’s Child Team Nation Tryin Not to Die Heat 4 Don’t Call Us Masters Squirrel Friends

Bell City Newlyweds Team Triton B Squad #FacebookOfficial

Heat 5 Project Purple EMOM, the Meatloaf! Tornado Warning Grags Pool Road Phenoms