18.4 Going Down

Warmup 500m Row Squat Therapy Skin the Cat 4 Dive Bombers Skill Strict Press 3x3 Push Press 3x3 Push Jerk 3x3

WOD 14 Min AMRAP 10 Ground to overhead 45/25 20 Russian Twists Farmers Carry down and back 1.5/1

20 Goblet Squats 50 Single Unders

The stage has been set… We have seen some triumphant victories as well as some staggering defeats. There is nothing like a victor standing in the sunlight of a glorious battle win. This week will be no different. We are amongst some of the fittest and sexiest around with these two stepping onto the floor on Thursday Night. I’ve heard whispers floating through the wind that they are Greek Gods, or even greater than the Titans, but to me just a couple a Jamokes!

First up is The Man, The Myth, but short of a legend Raymond “the hurricane “ Torres. Now Ray is no stranger to center stage… if you know what I mean! But he does have a tendency to find himself in precarious situations. The now, one-man wolf pack, has moved into a new chapter in his life and is on a quest to make his reign on the top. Ray is known to be very much like a tropical storm when it comes to battle. From a distance it doesn’t seem to bad, but when he is up close next you, Ray turns into a hurricane and snatches up all your essentials for life. Food, water, power and even your significant other! There are no restraints when it comes to the power that “The Hurricane” posses. Like a set of Duracell’s , Ray has been known to go the distance!

Next up we have Johnny Tsunami Fitzgerald. Now you maybe wondering why he has been crowned the nickname Tsunami, and that’s a very good questions! Johnny has been known to shake up battles like an earthquake or small volcano spewing under water. From the surface is doesn’t look like much, but with time and speed the rippling effect of the natural disaster reaches land and overtakes anything in it’s path. Precisely how Johnny has climbed the ladder of success in the world of NHCF. The small minute changes under the surface escalate into something that even your average human cannot believe.

Now Johnny Tsunami will have his hands tide when it comes to the Hurricane Ray Torres. Both rip through like natural disasters but when combined to face against each other… well know that’s the perfect storm that we will be able to witness this Thursday at 8:00. Even George Clooney will be off his boat to witness this one. Leave the kids and call the babysitter… This is something you will not want to miss!