18.1 Announcement


400m Run Outside 4 Dive bombers Good Mornings Pushup Complex 1:00m Plank WOD


Push Jerk - build to a set of 5


30 Strict Pullups (20:00-32:00)

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:

1-2-3-4-5 Power snatch 135/95

4-8-12-16-20 Russian KB Swings Thy Lords and Ladies,

The Opens are coming… It is that time of year where House NHCF will be battling for a spot in the Kingdom of Crossfit! Each season we have gained in size and strength. Our Army is on the verge of a monumental triumph.

This year we are leading off with our resident Artisan Lord Commander Eric “the hill” Merrill. Eric has joined our forces a little over a year a go and has quickly climbed the ranks to a commanding lead over the 7:30am class! He has his eye set to make a statement on the battlefield by out smarting and out maneuvering his competition. Eric is known as “the hill”, well for no reason in particular. “The Mountain” was already taken by a much bigger and stronger guys..

Next we have, Marston “the gamer” from house Garceau. Clearly the crowd favorite because of where he resides, Marston is still looking to make his mark on the battle field. Through his hours of experience with mock battles, Marston was able to pickup the nickname “the gamer.” His experience far supersedes his opponents, but he has yet to win an actual battle which might hurt him in the long run. Marston is going to give it his all in order to fulfill his destiny and marry Lady Christen! Only time will tell if he can crush the competition stand on the Iron Throne!

Lastly we have Dave “the dizzy” Bryant. Beware of Dave because when you least expect it he will use is magic of deception to make you think he out of the battle… But really is he just pretending to be dizzy in order to make his move. Dave has been the head of his house for quite some time now. He uses his smarts and his fast transpiration to entice guerilla warfare against his enemies. Although Dave’s army is not quite as big as the others, do not count him out of the battle.

The Battle is set for Thursday at 8:00 at House NHCF. Come All, Come quick. This is a battle you must not miss….The Opens Are Coming.