Warmup 500m row Squat Therapy 4 Dive Bombers Skin The Cat Skill EMOM for 21 minutes, alternating exercises:

Minute 1- 1 legless rope climb

Minute 2- 30 meter handstand walk (:30 secs in HS position)

Minute 3- 50 double unders


7 Front Squats, 95/66 7 Burpees over the bar 7 Pull-ups

Rest 2 Minutes 3 min AMRAP 5 Thrusters 5 T2B

RP Challenge

Our nutrition challenge is going to start next monday. We have had a lot of requests to postpone it one week because people are having a hard time getting onto Triib. We are waiting on a couple of people to sign up before we shoot your emails over to RP. You should get an email by Tuesday from RP with more questions about which template you want!