RP Challenge

Warmup 500m Row Pushup Complex Hip Mobility 1:00m Plank Foam Roll Skill 30 Squat Cleans for time @ 70% of 1RM record time and weight Skill 21-15-9 S20 155/105 C2B Pullups

200m Run after every rd

RP Challenge


Here is the link to sign up... we are running the challenge through Triib. You will purchase your RP template through RP Strength but I need you to sign up through our website so I can get your emails to RP

some examples of scoring... There will be more

Daily Goals

1- Eat Healthy - 4 Possible Points

4 Points - Perfect day, no cheats

3 Points - One Minor Slip

2 Points - Significant Slip

1 Points - Major Slip

0 Points - More than one cheat

Daily Goal - 2

1 Point for 64 oz of water Weekly goals 1- Attendance atlas 3x a week 2 - weekly challenges Overall This is a challenge to get you on track before the Holidays. Although summer is over lets kick off the fall with a personal challenge that will help you and teach you the right way to eat. No matter if your looking to gain weight or loose weight this is the challenge for you.