RP Strength Challenge

Warmup 400m Run 30 GHD Situps 1:00m Plank 4 Dive Bombers

WOD A (0:00-–14:00)

6RM Bench Press

B (15:00-24:00)

9 minute EMOM

B1 – 20 Hollow Rocks

B2 – 12 Ring Dips

B3 – Chin-Up x8 or Muscle-Up 4

C. (30:00-37:00) 7 Rds of 7 Power Snatch 95/65 7 T2B

Nutrition Challenge

We are excited to partner up with Renaissance Periodization for our next challenge. Our challenge will start on September 18th. This challenge will be a littler different than our last challenges. I will post more information, but I want to get the word out there! Here are some details: RP Templates Include:

- What to eat (a convenient list of acceptable foods for each macronutrient, ex - protein, carbs fats)

- When to eat them (based around when you train, including five separate timing options)

- How much to eat based on gender, bodyweight, and goals of weight loss or weight gain.

- Covers how to eat on non-training days, light, moderate, and hard training days (with examples and instructions of each type of workout to easily classify)