Couples Crush Heats

Warmup 500m Row Squat Therapy Good Mornings 30 GHD Situps Foam Roll Skill

4 Rds 250m Row 1 Legless Rope Climb (legs) 15 GHD Situps 1:00m Plank

WOD 800m Run 21 Pullups 21 HSPU 400m Run 15 Pullups 15 HSPU

200m Run

9 Pullups


Cap: 21 Minutes

Couples Crush Heats StartFragment

Scaled Heat 1

Anthony and Arica

Be The Change

Eric and Rom

Queen and the Jerk


Scaled Try Hards

Ginger Snatch

Masters Heat 2

Old People

Rugby Dude & Jewels


The Grants

Rx Heat 1

2 Boobs, 1 Dude

Bae for a Day

Bald and Fuzzy

Beef Cakes & Honey Buns

Chalk Dirty to Me

Milf and Dilf

Rx Heat 2

#Butts & Nuts

Ginger Snatch

Just for Squats and Giggles

Lotta Passion

Max Mitchell

Team Bonds

Rx Heat 3

Swole Patrol

Something Sexy, but not to sexy


Leonardo Drive Coyotes


Dysfunctioanl fitness