Wod for Ben

As many of you already know Ben Callahan tragically drowned in the Branford River last week while swimming with his two brothers Cooper and Scout. Just 10 years old Ben was a gifted athlete, loving son, joyful child, thoughtful brother, talented musician, huggable friend, brilliant chef, and so much more. Ben was a tremendous athlete who worked hard and was driven. He played basketball, football, lacrosse, and Crossfit and was excellent at all of them. Ben and his family; Father Dave, Mother Paula, and brothers Cooper and Scout all are long time members of our local Crossfit community. The entire family has been members of Shoreline Crossfit for many years. The Callahan family is truly amazing, they are the kind of people you are proud to call your friends. They always greet you with a warm smile, encouraging cheers, laughter, and of course a hug. Everything they participate in they do as a family. 

One of my favorite memories of Ben was a few years ago, I was working out with the Callahan family and some other friends. One of the assignments on our agenda was practicing bar muscle ups. Since this was not something I had mastered as of yet Dave Callahan wanted me to work on a drill that would help me get the movement down. He set everyone up at his or her stations and when it came to my turn he called Ben over and said “ok buddy, show Shannon how the muscle drill works that you have been practicing”. At the time about 6.5 years old Ben then proceeded to coach me in doing this muscle up drill and we worked together on them the entire time. This story makes me smile it is a true testament to how special this young boy was.

It is difficult to understand when tragedy like this hits. Everyone feels sadness and helplessness but in times like these we depend on each other more then ever. Please join me Saturday July 15th at Shoreline Athletics to participate in a memorial WOD in honor of Ben Callahan. This is one way we can show his family our love and support in their time of need. If you are unable to attend Saturday’s WOD at Shoreline we will be accepting donations at NHCF to bring to the family, in addition we will be doing the Ben Callahan memorial WOD on Saturday at our gym as well. I strongly encourage everyone at attend the memorial WOD at Shoreline Athletics to show support to this beautiful loving family during this sad time. Thank you all for your love and support  



Wod #2 in Teams of 3: "Ben The Warrior" 2 Total Rounds: 3 Mins of Max Deadlifts 185/125 (mod: KB DLs) - 1 min rest 3 Mins of Max Box Jumps (mod: step ups) - 1 min rest 3 Mins of Max Stones (mod: med balls) - 1 min rest 3 Mins of Max Pull Ups (mod: kb swings) - 1 min rest 5 Mins of Max "Cheater" Burpees (don't open your hips fully) - 1 min rest The #2 was Ben's name. The 3 is for the 3 brother. The 5 is for the family of 5 including parent's Dave and Paula.