Warmup 500m Row 30 GHD Situps 4 Dive Bombers 1:00m Plank Foam Roll Skill Push Press work up to 80% 5x3 WOD 21 OHS 75/55 21 SDHP 25 Box Jump Overs 24/20 15 OHS 15 SDHP 25 Box Jump Overs 24/20 9 OHS 9 SDHP


And here we go again... This time our story has changed for the worse. Each week, we have been anticipating a battle like no other, but this week we are anticipating a stage that has never before seen the likes of these three.

We start this week's journey with Zach Keeney. A lot of you may be asking yourself, exactly who is Zach Keeney... Well let me just start off by saying thats a great question. Zach has been flying OVER the radar by tackling what we call "Open Gym". A friend or foe, we shall see, but his opponents should beware of his military expertise. Tacticle skills include, nunchuck skills, peeling oranges in one peel, and filling air in tires using just his breath. Beware of the Newb.

Next up we have Ralphy Boy... I bet you didn't even know that Ralph starred in the original cast of the Christmas Story. But guess what?... this isn't a happy ending be any means. Ralph has been known to walk around in his police uniform, but little did you know that this alibi is just hiding the fact that he works for the Russian Mafia. With the last name of Rienzo, you obviously can not trust him. His tactics include.... wait, I don't think I've seen any of his skills.

Last but definitely least... we have the infamous Joeseph (the 18th) Mortali. Many of you may not know this Greek God, but you may have seen him and his shenanigan crew leading the ice capads down at your local rink. Joseph has never been known as the class clown, quite the opposite though. Joseph has a gentle heart and very soft hands which he uses to capture and rescue wild kittens.. heart of gold... Don't let his soft, gentleness fool you, at a moment's notice he can use the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on his opponents and win by default... I've seen it happen twice...

Make sure you come down Thursday night and witness what is setting up to be the most intense, yet unsatisfying match yet. All happening starting at 8:00... (mic drop)