6th Year Anniversary Party

Warmup 4 Dive Bombers 30 Russian Twists 10 Strict T2B 1:00m Plank Skill 10x200m Row Rest 1:1 WOD 30-24-18-12: Russian Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1) Sit-ups Power Wallballs 6th Year Anniversary Party

We are so excited to be celebrating our 6th year at North Haven Crossfit! The community we have built over the past 6 years has truly turned into family and we would love to celebrate together immediately following the Non RX Competition on April 8th. Our gym is built on the loyalty of our members & that is what we are known for! We hope to see EVERYONE there on the 8th to celebrate. Homemade pizza will be served by our good friends at Pauly B's Pizza Wagon & beer will be on tap. Thanks again for allowing us to coach the best athletes around.