Warmup Good Mornings Squat Therapy 10 Strict Pullups Supermans Skin the Cat Skill 4 Rds Not for time 12 Bench Press 135/95 12 Strict Pullups 12 Ring Dips 20 Bent Over DB Rows 50/35 (10 on each side) WOD 9 Min AMRAP 10 Push Press 115/75 30 Double Unders

17.3 And here we are facing another week of epic proportions...The last two weeks have come and gone and we are left with victors basking in the glory of domination. Don't be fooled though, the battles have yet to reside and we are still crowning a King... Yet this week we are looking for the Queen to rule week 3....

Leading off is the one and only Ging... You may not know her first name, well lets be honest you probally don't. And in this case all you need to know is that this fierry Red Head has come not only to claim her seat at the table, but also to make it known that this Angel is not to be messed with. We are told that the Red Hair is actually used to burn past her competition. Keep your eye on this fireball and you are surely in for a surprise.

Kristin Adelman is next on our list, and we are told that she is prepping for long endurance based workout. A mix of furry and her sunday workouts are a recipe for disaster for her opponents. Kristin has not only had the longevity at NHCF factor on her side, but she has also been able to learn the ins and outs of her opponents by hiding above the offices on off hours. Beware of Kristin because she may not come out of the gate hot, but she will always give you a run for your money in the end!

Last but certainly not least we have Janie. Janie is known as the dark horse riding her way to the top. She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Swag and Steaz, but we will see if those qualities will bring her a sweet victory. Janie has been seen training outside by chasing lightning, (we are told that this is a very innefficient way, but who are we to judge) and hunting wild salmon with nothing but her heels. We are sure to see a show if this Angel brings her A game.

All in all we are gathering for one epic event. Thursday night throw down has been taking a whole new level with these ladies stepping out onto the floor. Make sure you you put your kids to bed and lock your house... this event is going to get crazy!