Thursday Night Throwdown

March 2, 2017

Squat Therapy
Good Mornings
Pushup Complex
500m Row
15 Chin Ups
20 Ring Dips 

Push Jerks 
Work to a tough triple 

11 Min AMRAP 
11 Push Press 95/65
22 Double Unders
11 Abmat Situps

17.2...... The saga continues 


Week one left us on our toes and we are still recovering from an epic battle. This week we have a whole new "Situation." You know them and love them... Our boys...


Leading off the pack is our main man Ronnie (aka C-Palm) also known as the Dusters son. He not only can out dress anyone in the gym, but he can also attack by making jokes in the middle of your workout. His tatics, although unorthodox, are very effective Preparation on point, hair on point, tan always on point, our man C-Palm is ready to bring the fury. 


Second up is one of our own. DJ Ray Torres, who also goes by "Pauly D." Ray is always ready for a dog fight, and will use his persuasive beats to force you to stop working out and dance. Be aware of Suavemente, or pretty much anything from Pitbull. Ray has been known to drop these beats and blast past his competition. 

*Surgeon General Warning - Don't be fooled by his spray tan in this picture, he is not that tan! 

Lastly we have come to the biggest situation of them all. Ryan (6 pack) Duft. Ryan will always have the crowds eyeing him due to his perfectly chiseled physic. His biggest ASSet to separate himself from his competition is having the crowd not even pay attention to the other competitors. His graceful movements, and perfect jaw line, will have your eyes glued. Don't let him fool you though with his Northeastern sweatshirt... Body on Fleek... 


Don't miss out on this 2nd annual battle of the Italians. You will be talking about this for weeks... well at-least one week.


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