Nutrition Challenge Kick Off

Warmup 500m Row Squat Therapy 4 Dive Bombers Pushup Complex 20 Chin ups 1:00m Plank 30 Air Squats Foam Roll Skill Build to a heavy Single clean and Jerk Open Wod 15.1 As many rounds as possible in 9 mins of: 15 toes to bars 10 Deadlifts (115/75) 5 Power Snatches

Challenge Workout 500 Single Under Jump Rope

Keys To Success For The Nutrition Challenge!

-Prepare multiple meals at the same time. You are already cooking, so why not cook more? You’ve already created a mess in the kitchen. While the oven is warm cook your beef, chicken, and pork for the week. Do the same with your vegetables. Try to limit your cooking to once or twice a week.

-Prepackage all of your meals. Once your food is cooked, divide it into individual servings and place it in containers. This way when you are hungry everything is completely prepared. Just heat and serve. This is also convenient for when you are on the go and don’t have time to sit down and eat. Sliced meats and vegetables are just as easy to eat in the car as a cheeseburger and fries. This applies to snacks as well.

We all eat something between meals. Have healthy, prepackaged snacks at the ready. If you don’t you will undoubtedly find something unhealthy instead.

-Preplanning. Try to limit your visits to the grocery store to once or twice a week. The same as preparing meals, right? It’s all about efficiency. Grocery shopping and cooking twice a week is much more efficient than doing it on a daily basis. Just like in the gym, you need to be more efficient.

-Make a grocery list. Figure out your meals and recipes and then make your list. Without a list you will wander around the grocery store not knowing what you should buy, and when you get home you will realize you only have about half of what you need to get through the week. ! -Know that the first week or two can be rough. Everyone goes through this. Suck it up and stick to the plan. It’s worth it. -Have fun with it. You are doing something amazing for yourself (and for your family, too!) Don’t forget that. -The majority of your shopping should be done on the outside walls of the grocery store. Avoid the middle isles as much as possible (rice and oats excluded.)

As with everything else we do in our gym, we expect everyone to have fun with this challenge!! Let this be a starting point for something great that will last for a lifetime. Work hard, eat better, feel better. It’s pretty simple! Good luck and enjoy!!