Christmas Party

Warmup Pushup Complex Squat Therapy Good Morning 15 Chin Ups 1:00m Plank Supermans 25 Air squats Band Ankle Mobility Skill 25 Min Alternating Every minute on the minute Minute 1- 5 Clean and Jerks (165/115) Minute 2- 12 Burpees Minute 3- 15 Deadlifts Minute 4- 15 Box Jumps (24/20) Minute 5- REST WOD 3 Min Amrap Snatches 75/55

Week 2 Lulu challenge

This weeks lululemon Challenge - Max Russian KB swings without stopping. 1/.75 pd. KB must reach eye level on every swing.

Christmas Party Incase you didn't know 😉 Our Christmas party is coming up right around the corner!! Don't forget to sign up at the front desk or email us at if you have any questions! $45 a person includes open bar, buffet & Dj!!