Opens Prep

Warmup Good mornings 500m Row Pushup Complex 15 Stritct Pullups 20 Ring Dips 30 GHD Situps 4 Dive Bombers Foam Roll SKill Front Squats 70% 5x4 WOD 24 Min Cap 21-15-9 Pull ups Kettle bell swings (1.5/1) Wall balls (20/14) then 15-12-9 T2B KB Goblet Squats Power Wallballs then With the remaining time Max Alt KB Snatch *Score is amount of snatches

Great work to all who competed this weekend. Alicia and Dalton held down the fort at the Guilford Competition, Also Aimee completed the Philadelphia Marathon. If you see them in the gym make sure and congratulate them on a job well done.

lululemon challenge

Every week leading up to Christmas we will be giving away a lululemon gift card. We are going to be having a challenge each to decide who gets. This weeks challenge is:

Max Calories on the rower - there is not time constraint. The only rule is you can not stop rowing. No Breaks, no stopping. Just one time max calories.

Opens Prep

For those of you who may be interested we are starting an Opens prep program. This program will consist of extra work to be done by those who are interested in not only the Crossfit Opens, but all local competitions and events. We want to provide an environment to grow as a competitor but also to grow as a gym. Look for information coming out tomorrow about this.