Warmup 500m Row Squat Therapy Good Mornings 4 Dive Bombers 30 GHD Situps 20 Backsqauts Thoracic Spine Mobility Foam Roll Skill On a 3 minute running clock: 80 Double unders Then, as many burpees to plate as possible Rest 1 minute, then repeat for 4 total rounds *score is total burps WOD Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of: 10 Squat cleans (95/65) 20 Sit-ups Legs! From the Wall Street Journal over the weekend. I know we have a lot of runners at Verve and we run quite often in our daily workouts. According to a study, and featured in the WSJ over the weekend, runners are 50% more likely to sustain an injury that interrupts their training and that number goes as high as 90% when you look at runners that run distances as long as marathons. It’s not running that causes the injury, but rather the way people run. Sound familiar? We stress this all the time in our running skill sessions and while we are doing drills before running based workouts.

Runners today are using “Gait Analysis” to better understand what about their running is causing or could lead to injury. This 1- 2 hour test, which includes about 20 minutes of running on a treadmill, has done more for diagnosing injury and potential injury than any of the old remedies, which included surgeries to correct what were thought to be the cause of pain and injury.

The overwhelming theme for most avid runners has to do with stride length. Striding too far can lead to added pressure on the joints which leads to injury and pain. With proper mechanics, running can be very beneficial. For years doctors held that as good as running is for your heart it was just as bad for your joints and bones. 5 years ago the sentiments began to change. Runners joints and bones are healthier than average and are less likely to need joint replacement or experience arthritis.

If you are experiencing or have experienced issues with running, take a look at the above picture with common issues that affect runners. Perhaps you’ll see something that you’ve experienced. Running is great for us, provided we focus on the mechanics.